Kitchen Remodel, Eugene, Oregon A kitchen remodel is a great way to increase the market value of your home. img_02.jpg A new deck can add both functionality and character to your home. master bedroom redesign - eugene, or Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary with a new remodel. home remodel - eugene oregon Upgrading your porch adds curb appeal to your home. bathroom addition - eugene oregon A laundry chute is a simple upgrade that brings order to your bathroom. kitchen upgrade - eugene oregon Kitchen upgrade: a new twist on a classic look. kitchen redesign, eugene or. Upgrade your kitchen with the latest materials. home renovation, eugene, oregon We specialize in restoring old homes to their original splendor. deck_railing_eugene.jpg Affordable decking and installation, Eugene - Oregon. img_06.jpg Quality craftsmanship assures structural integrity and appeal. garage remodel - extra room - eugene oregon Need another room? Convert your garage into a guest room. home renovation - eugene oregon We renovate old homes to maintain their original appeal. Residential Construction and Remodel Eugene, Oregon General Contractor: Home renovation, interiors, exteriors, decking and more. bathroom upgrade; eugene Turn your bathroom into your own personal spa.

Fort Rock Construction Testimonials

"The craftsmen were courteous, professional, respectful and delivered on-time and as promised. Their communication skills assisted us in making difficult decisions and in understanding codes/requirements/structural issues. We will gladly show their work/product and highly recommend their services."

~Dennis & Janet Chandler

"IEI has been in business in the Eugene community for more than 30 years. We have decades of housing experience with general contractors. IEI strongly recommends Fort Rock Construction for any job they feel qualified to perform. I am completely comfortable providing my best recommendation for these fine people and this great business."

~Frederick W. Renter: Executive Director

Independent Environments, Inc.

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