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The Lowest VOC Emission Choices of Flooring for a Home Remodel

Tired of sneezing from those old, shag carpets with thirty years of dog hair and dander they’ve collected? Considering a home remodel and wondering what kinds of natural flooring are available?

Eco-Friendly Home Remodel Tips

Considering eco-friendly home remodel ideas? Located in Eugene, Oregon, Fort Rock Construction is nestled in a green-loving, bike riding, plastic bag free, tie-dye wearing, environmentally friendly, tree-hugging community—and proud of it. So it should go without saying that our clients are going to have an interest in ideas for remodeling that involve: reduce, reuse and recycle.

The 5 Coolest Bathroom Accesories You Don't Have

At the end of the day, all you want a new, clean look without overdoing it. Here are some modern examples of bathroom accessories you can add at an affordable cost.

4 Helpful Construction Tips for Construction Worker Morale

Ensuring both positive morale and health for your workforce can go a long way for your business’s potential success. Here are some useful tips to ensure your workers’, and your own, health:

The Fate of the Housing Market

Despite the historic rise in mortgage rates in such a short period of time, there has not been a delay in the real estate recovery. Here are some reasons why this may be.
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Defense Against the Elements

Posted by FortRock on September 23, 2013

Your deck is one of the more essential components to your house’s exterior. Not only does it add great value to your home, it also improves your own living experience (when the weather permits). The importance of your deck to you and your home should make protecting it a priority. Even if your deck is made of pressure-treated lumber, redwood, cedar, or some other durable species, it’s at risk. The Northwest is known for its moisture and humidity, which could spell a number of problems for a deck. Even sunlight can damage your deck, causing discoloration and hastening the break down of wood. Whether you want to take care of your deck on your own or pay for assistance from a professional, here are some important things to know.


It’s very important to keep your deck clean before or during the treatment process. Dirt and mildew buildup can cause discoloration in the wood if you try to treat it prematurely. Clean off debris with a leaf blower and wash it off with thereafter with a low-pressure power washer or hose. . You can find wood deck cleaners at a local home supply store and you can also find treatment options for stains on the wood as well.


Thereafter, you will want to apply the sealer and protectant. Start with the railings first and then work your way down to the floor of the deck. You will want to prevent interaction with the deck after this process so the wood can dry thoroughly. You will want to periodically treat your deck after the initial cleaning to keep the quality of your deck intact.


Some decks, no matter how much time and effort you put into them, cannot be saved. Whether it’s untreatable wood or a termite problem, there are a number of different reasons to look at a new deck. You may also want to install a new deck because you just don’t like the layout or size of your old one. Perhaps you don’t have a deck and want to have one installed. Whatever your wish may be, contact Fort Rock Construction to help you install the deck you want.