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The Lowest VOC Emission Choices of Flooring for a Home Remodel

Tired of sneezing from those old, shag carpets with thirty years of dog hair and dander they’ve collected? Considering a home remodel and wondering what kinds of natural flooring are available?

Eco-Friendly Home Remodel Tips

Considering eco-friendly home remodel ideas? Located in Eugene, Oregon, Fort Rock Construction is nestled in a green-loving, bike riding, plastic bag free, tie-dye wearing, environmentally friendly, tree-hugging community—and proud of it. So it should go without saying that our clients are going to have an interest in ideas for remodeling that involve: reduce, reuse and recycle.

The 5 Coolest Bathroom Accesories You Don't Have

At the end of the day, all you want a new, clean look without overdoing it. Here are some modern examples of bathroom accessories you can add at an affordable cost.

4 Helpful Construction Tips for Construction Worker Morale

Ensuring both positive morale and health for your workforce can go a long way for your business’s potential success. Here are some useful tips to ensure your workers’, and your own, health:

The Fate of the Housing Market

Despite the historic rise in mortgage rates in such a short period of time, there has not been a delay in the real estate recovery. Here are some reasons why this may be.
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The Fate of the Housing Market

Posted by FortRock on September 23, 2013