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Current House Design Trends

As a General Contractor, we've seen our share of styles and preferences for house design and interior decorating. In fact, throughout the Eugene-Springfield area, you can see homes exhibiting the best in modern design, homes with the charm of the Victorian period, and everything in between. Each has their place, and it's fun to work on homes from different eras. But, if you find yourself needing some inspiration, here are some home design trends that seem to be on fire.

Understanding the Construction Bid Process

When you're discussing your construction project with a contractor so that he or she can prepare a bid, do you know what to expect? How do you know what should be included?

Are Your Exterior Walls Rotting?

If you suspect you might have rot happening beneath your home's exterior siding, you'll want to read this article to learn more about the causes of rot and what you can do about it.

Planning an Aging-in-Place Remodel? Start Here.

Not all aging-in-place experts approach the remodeling process in the same way. Read this important tip for how to successfully plan your remodel so you save time, money and heartache.

The Lowest VOC Emission Choices of Flooring for a Home Remodel

Tired of sneezing from those old, shag carpets with thirty years of dog hair and dander they’ve collected? Considering a home remodel and wondering what kinds of natural flooring are available?
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Planning an Aging-in-Place Remodel? Start Here.

Posted by joyenpendowski on April 12, 2017


April 09, 2012 at 3:15 PM

elderly couple enjoying their home

It's fairly common these days that our older generations don't want to feel like they have to move just to accommodate their health needs. And, this is where aging-in-place experts, like Fort Rock Construction, can be of service. We help people take a fresh view of their home and then find ways to make modifications that allow for aging-in-place. But, before beginning the process of deisgn, it's important to understand the underlying health needs — of everyone — living in the household. So, before you begin your remodeling project, take this tip to heart... Bring in an occupational therapist.

An occupational therapist (OT) works with people of all ages who need specialized assistance to lead independent, productive, and satisfying lives due to physical, developmental, social, or emotional problems. He or she asks, "What' matters to you?" vs. "What's the matter with you?" By taking this approach, the OT can help guide the remodeling process to make sure the things that matter are facilitated in the design. This might include things like making certain adjustments to the height of counters and sinks, or the types of pulls found on cabinets, or even how entrys to different parts of the home are designed.

Working together, your remodeler and the OT can construct a plan to accommodate your needs for today as well as into the future, alowing you years of comfort and enjoyment in your home.

If you'd like assistance with an aging-in-place plan, please let us know. We'd love to help.