Kitchen Remodel, Eugene, Oregon A kitchen remodel is a great way to increase the market value of your home. img_02.jpg A new deck can add both functionality and character to your home. master bedroom redesign - eugene, or Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary with a new remodel. home remodel - eugene oregon Upgrading your porch adds curb appeal to your home. bathroom addition - eugene oregon A laundry chute is a simple upgrade that brings order to your bathroom. kitchen upgrade - eugene oregon Kitchen upgrade: a new twist on a classic look. kitchen redesign, eugene or. Upgrade your kitchen with the latest materials. home renovation, eugene, oregon We specialize in restoring old homes to their original splendor. deck_railing_eugene.jpg Affordable decking and installation, Eugene - Oregon. img_06.jpg Quality craftsmanship assures structural integrity and appeal. garage remodel - extra room - eugene oregon Need another room? Convert your garage into a guest room. home renovation - eugene oregon We renovate old homes to maintain their original appeal. Residential Construction and Remodel Eugene, Oregon General Contractor: Home renovation, interiors, exteriors, decking and more. bathroom upgrade; eugene Turn your bathroom into your own personal spa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do you charge for estimates?

A: At Fort Rock Construction, Inc. we offer a free initial estimate based on the initial consultation.

Q: Will you furnish me with a detailed estimate?

A: At Fort Rock Construction, Inc. we provide a detailed scope of work on our proposal based on client selections and we look the entire project over in detail prior to contracting.

Q: Can you provide me with buildable drawings?

A: If needed, Fort Rock Construction, Inc. can supply a preliminary plan. Upon a signed Design Feasibility Agreement, a detailed set of drawings, including structural engineering with expected budget and job timeline, will be provided.

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